Transforming the youth

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Five members hold scholarships worth 1000 Ghana Cedis to study at their schools


Justice Antwi, Desmond Antwi  and Samson Fosu are brilliant but needy.


Ramsey Quayson is a talented Public Speaker and Comedian at Anamon Hyeren  Standard School at Obuasi-Ashanti



Hannah Asante is an exceptionally brilliant student in J.H.S 1 at Anamon Hyeren

Standard School, Obuasi-Ashanti



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Code of Conduct



  1. Members are to attend meeting at all the times.
  2. Members are to report any form of conflict among others in the organization to the officials
  3. Members are to engage in any activities organized by the organizer
  4. A member found of any criminal or deviant attitude will be punished.
  5. Members are to abide the laws, rules and regulations of community and the country.
  6. Members are to protect and defend community and the country properties.
  7. Members are to pay loyalty and allegiance to the country’s functions

Members are to pay their dues and levy assign to them.

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Our Symbols

PAYAS NEW LOGOIt is an educational, civil and social organization set up to produce responsible future leaders in the country and the world as a whole. It was established on

12th Oct, 2013 at Obuasi by Agorsor Worlanyo Emmanuel with six children. The idea of establishing this organization is based on the following:

  1. Self-life experienced.
  2. Lack of advice to improve one’s life.
  3. Exhibition of immoral behaviors of the children to be called future leaders.
  4. Caring for brilliant but needy children (venerable).
  5. How to cultivate responsible people throughout the world.

The organization is opened to all the children from the age of twelve years to twenty years and anyone willing to provide voluntary service to help in bringing up responsible future leaders in the world is welcome.

The motto: Transforming the youth

Slogan:  Cultivating responsible leaders in the world

Crest: Consist of Children, Broom and Hoe, Pen and Ball, and Book and hand.



Children shaking their hands: Means unity and love in the family, the community, country and the world which will result in peace and stability.

Pen and Book: Means ways by which individuals can acquire knowledge and skills for efficiency and high productivity to develop the country in future.

Book and Hand: Means our future leaders will improve the countries and the world through both physical and mental skills.

Broom and Hole: Means the improvement of the countries and the world is the manner of good hygienic                                                                                                                                                    and good sanitation.

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Youth Education Program

To foster in the younger generation the knowledge of patriotism: we educate the members every Saturday at Eternal Life Church, Mangoase at Obuasi (1400 GMT) and Anmon Hyeren Standard School, Tutuka at Obuasi (1300 GMT)  on the following:

  • Patriotism
  • Loyalty
  • How to pay ones allegiance to one’s family, community, country and the world.
  • How to protect state and community’s properties.
  • How to remain faithful and honest to oneself, family, community, country and the people in the world.
  • How to expose defaulters and criminals to the police


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We have educational trips to keeps the kids learned.

On 14TH August, 2015, We had an Educational trip to the Cape Coast Castle to educate our members on how the slaves were kept and transported.

trips 1.jpg   trip 11.jpg


We also visited the Hans Cottage at Cape Coast to let our members appreciate nature and know how friendly some dangerous animals can be.

hc 4.jpg hc 3