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 The Eternal Life Ministries International in collaboration with the PA-YAS Foundation and High Learners’ Foundation with the support of Obuasi Information Service Department of invites all and sundry for a Visitation to The Research Utilization School for the Deaf (RUSFORD) which is located Close to Pee Hotel at Ahansoyewodea on World Disability Day: Saturday, December 03, 2016 at 10:00 am.


*Program Outline:

  1. Brief Introduction to RUSFORD and PA-YAS Foundation
  2. Buffet for the Students and Staff of the School for the Deaf
  3. Donation in Cash and in kind (especially Non-perishable foods) to the school.
  4. Sale of Sign Language Manual
  5. Learning of Sign Language
  6. Introduction to RUSFORD’s School Farm Program

Please don’t come empty handed. Kindly Come and Donate

*To Donate now!!!

  1. Kindly send Cash to the School’s Mobile Money Account (0249304743-Genevieve Basingha) OR
  2. To the Ghana Commercial Bank Account: Obuasi Branch, 6111010238029

Account Name: Research Utilization School for the Deaf


Kindly Contact Kwabena Asare  (0264 573 743),  Pastor Stephen Arthur (0244 791 309)

Emmanuel Agorsor      (0570 961 827)

*For Sponsorship and Support kindly contact the numbers above.

NB: All donations will be invested in the School’s Farm Program to provide food and funds to develop RUSFORD.  

NB: Transportation to and from the School will NOT be provided.

All are cordially invited.





Author: Janix asare

GIS Advocate and IT Consultant

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