Transforming the youth


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The organization (PA-YAS FOUNDATION ) is going to works hard to accomplish its target throughout the year by the years 2025. Some of the targets of achievement of PA-YAS FOUNDATION are as follows:

High level of discipline and good moral of exhibition of individual in their families, communities, country and in the world: the level of discipline and moral being of the individual is very low in the country and world. Without discipline and good moral, families, communities, countries and the world will never develop. Because of this PA-YAS FOUNDATION  will take it as a task to remove all form of indiscipline and immoral acts from individual, families, communities, countries and the world by teaching the individuals do’s and don’ts of the community with its effects.

Production of responsible future leaders: Through education and other activities of the organization will enable her to trains and transforms individual into responsible future leaders in their families, communities, countries and the world, even those who are recognized as deviant children and venerable children. PAYASS will also consider the welfare of some of its member who will be brilliant but needy children.

Enhancing the patriotism in the country: the level of patriotism in the countries and the world is very low which is also slowing down the productivity in the country and the world. The organization is going to invest back the knowledge of patriotism in the younger generation in the countries and the world through education and counseling.

Promotion of nation building: our country Ghana is left uncultivated. This means all aspect of life which will help develop country and the part of the world left behind. The organization is going to consider it as task to educate the youth who will be the responsible future leaders to know that aspect of life and consider it as important by knowing laws of the country, customs and principles in the community. After the youth knew the law, customs and regulations to build the country, they can also educate the others in the society to observe them in other to build up a strong nation.

Reduction in streets:  The organization is going to work in collaboration with institutions of the country in the world such: CHRAJ, NCCCE, police, red cross, etc to reduce the level of streets and child labor in the country and the world by organizing mass education, interpreting the right and responsibilities of both parents, children, citizen and their leaders in the families, communities, countries and the world.

Ensuring future efficiency of the countries and in the world: Every part of human body is important and all aspects of life is also important due to these, the organization is going to back up the individuals to improve upon their talents so that, they will use it in future to ensure efficiency of labor and promote good productivities in the country and in the world.


  1. Members are to attend meeting at all the times.
  2. Members are to report any form of conflict among others in the organization to the officials
  3. Members are to engage in any activities organized by the organizer
  4. A member found of any criminal or deviant attitude will be punished.
  5. Members are to abide the laws, rules and regulations of community and the country.
  6. Members are to protect and defend community and the country properties.
  7. Members are to pay loyalty and allegiance to the country’s functions
  8. Members are to pay their dues and levy assign to them.




Author: payasgh

Patriotic Youth Association (PAYAS) is a non-political and non-profit association for the youth between the ages of 12 & 20. The ultimate aim of the association is to train discipline future leaders

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