Transforming the youth


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Ensuring discipline and moral being of the individual: the organization will seek to educate the children and people on:

  • Childhood and their characters.
  • Responsibilities of children.
  • How they can become responsible future leaders.
  • Behavior of responsible children in the community.
  • How to approach their parents for pardon of mistakes and how to correct them.
  • Knowing oneself and who you are.
  • Decency in life.
  • How to make friends
  • Types of friends and how to select the best friends.
  • Knowing principles of life as child.
  • How to carry ones duties without being told.
  • How to observe ones duties.
  • How to become educational materials in the communities to others.

To transform individuals into responsible future leaders: the organization is going to educates the individuals on:

  • Comportment
  • Courtesy
  • Good manners
  • Effects of good manners
  • Tolerance

To foster in the younger generation the knowledge of patriotism: the organization will base its education on the following:

  • Patriotism
  • Loyalty
  • How to pay ones allegiance to one’s family, community, country and the world.
  • How to protect state and community’s properties.
  • How to remain faithful and honest to oneself, family, community, country and the people in the world.
  • How to expose defaulters and criminals to the police
  • How to educate others on the issues affecting the family, community, country and the world.

To encourage the study of the laws, customs and the institutions of the country: the organization will seek external education from the governmental institutions like: CHRAJ, NCCE, National Youth council etc to educate its members on the:

  • Right and freedom of individuals.
  • Responsibilities of the individuals.
  • How to contribute to the national development.
  • How to become educational material in country.

To serve as educational materials: the organization will deals with

  • Punctuality in all manners.
  • Regularity in all manners.
  • Hardworking in all manners.
  • Avoiding nepotism and favoritism at all places.
  • How to maintain peace and order at all places.
  • Be friendly in all manners.

Promoting individuals’ skills and talent: This aspect of life is very important because it is the foundation of the country’s resources and help in the development of the country. It is going to base its education on the individuals’ skills and talents in order for the individual to know what they are endows with by teaching them the following

  • How to know ones talent.
  • How to develop ones talents.
  • How to achieve ones talent.
  • Knowing ones capabilities
  • Knowing ones potentials
  • How to develop confidence in all things.



Author: payasgh

Patriotic Youth Association (PAYAS) is a non-political and non-profit association for the youth between the ages of 12 & 20. The ultimate aim of the association is to train discipline future leaders

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