Transforming the youth


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by Mr. Agorsor Worlanyo Emmanuel

PA-YAS FOUNDATION was established on 12th October, 2013 by Mr. Agorsor Worlanyo Emmanuel. It is located in the Obuasi municipality at Tutuka- Nkwadum and Obuasi- Mangoase the in the Ashanti Region of GHANA in West Africa

As an ideal owner, I came by this organization as the result of immorality of the youth today, indiscipline act of the youth, lack of parental care, Lack of advice to improve one’s life, How to cultivate responsible people throughout the world.

And lack of support to promote vulnerable and brilliant but needy children in the community. As I sat down and realised the above problems of the youth, I asked myself so many questions of which I answered it by myself and this led to approach some of the youths particularly those noted to be in such acts.

As I approached them, they became my friends and I started counseling them and gradually they started turning into a new leaf. With the basic beneficial, I came to a conclusion of forming the FOUNDATION of the children from ten years to twenty years as primary target, above twenty years as secondary targets being educators and below ten as tertiary targets. It is made up of all classes of people such as the vulnerable, brilliant but needy, talented kids of all field and others.

Through the education and counseling programs, I got to know that some of the children are in immoral acts because of lack of caretakers, some of the members are having good vision and are talented in so many fields and need to have it into practice, I continued with the program and develop it throughout other parts of the world so that it will cultivate responsible and (useful) future leaders in the world.


Author: payasgh

Patriotic Youth Association (PAYAS) is a non-political and non-profit association for the youth between the ages of 12 & 20. The ultimate aim of the association is to train discipline future leaders

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